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After a long career as a dancer and working around the world with artists such as Tina Turner,Robbie Williams, Diana Ross, Prince to name a few, I moved into photography afew years ago and brought my love of movement, performance, and emotion into myimages. I also studied Interior Design for 4 years while living in Londonand this gave methe taste for a certain aesthetic. Last but not least, I draw upon mycultural mix of French, Italian and African heritage to create and translate myvision. My worldwide travels inspired me to integrate various landscapes intomy photography and create a connection between places and people when possible. Asa self taught photographer, I feel that looking through the viewfinder andtaking images is like looking inside my own self and my inner world and itenables me to channel and express emotions as well as connecting with people ina simple, genuine and intimate way. I am French and now based in LosAngeles where I live with my husband. 


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